TOSCO is Egypt’s premier contractor for custom solar systems. Our engineers design solar systems specific to each customer’s needs, whether that be economic, environmental or both. Our mission is to provide easy access to affordable and reliable renewable energy systems.

TOSCO or The Outgreens Solar Company is an Egyptian company based in Giza. Part of Outgreens Group that aims to improve the daily lives of millions by implementing sustainable solutions and environment-friendly alternatives. Outgreens services range from clean energy solutions like solar energy up to waste management and composting.

From the initial assessment to the installation of a completely customized solar energy system to the moment the system begins producing clean renewable energy, we deliver the most cost-effective and innovative solutions. We’re excited about what’s ahead and believe this is just the beginning of realizing our vision to create a planet powered by the sun by giving homeowners and businesses a cheaper and cleaner choice for power. Our team is passionate about quality customer care and long-term sustainability.